March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Increase Your Influence through Positive Communication

Being an inspiring person might not be something you wake up aiming for everyday, yet small daily actions can help us become extraordinary.

Leadership is a choice to lead ourselves and then others. How well do you lead and how well do others interact with your leadership?

During this 2-day workshop, you will be exposed to research-based, best practices and hands-on practice that will give you the courage to emerge into greatness.

By the end of this 2-day workshop, you will be able to:

  • Develop a vision of leadership excellence.
  • Use leadership best practices to multiply well-being and business results.
  • Define and recognize positive communication.
  • Self-Assess your communication style: thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Use positive communication to improve your relationships and increase your influence and trust.
    • Align your energy to cultivate positive outcomes.
    • Use constructive, positive and engaging language in your relationships.
    • Use positive actions and energized presence to support positive language.
  • Plan to use the communication framework to cultivate positive action and transform your world.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal for individuals who are looking for research-based best practices that will increase their ability to lead authentically and communicate with influence. If you are part of a team, a team leader, manager, or if you need to influence others in your work and life, this workshop is for you. Attending Confoo as a team? Join this workshop to connect deeply and multiply your performance.

Essential Questions

  • How can I quantify leadership excellence?
  • What are the strategies for me to lead with excellence?
  • What is positive communication?
  • If you can positively influence others, what would you say or do?
  • Why is positive communication important?
  • What are the benefits of positive communication?
  • How can positive communication transform how you feel about yourself?
  • How can positive communication transform your relationships?
  • Where do you need to create awareness?
  • What are the key milestones in the learning journey?
  • What is the legacy that you want to leave behind?

Sonia Di Maulo

Harvest Performance

Sonia Di Maulo is Founder and Chief Reinvention Officer at Harvest Performance, a reinvention consulting agency that supports emerging leaders' purpose-driven, ground-breaking ideas and helps them leave a positive impact on the world.

Her Take the Leap! Make an Impact program received the 2020 Award of Excellence (AOE) for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention. The now online program grounds Emerging Leaders in Purpose & Prosperity in education and corporate environments.

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